The Simulation and Implementation of Next Generation Encryption Algorithm RIJNDAEL

J.S. Lee, J.S. Park, D.B. Yeom, and S.T. Kim (Korea)


Modelling, Simulation, Encryption, ASIC, Security.


In this paper, we simulated and implemented block cipher algorithm RIJNDAEL which can be applicable to high speed network. RIJNDAEL has been selected as next generation encryption algorithm in Oct. 2000 by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). RIJN DAEL can take variable block and key sizes, so the block and key sizes can be set to 128, 192, 256.[1] We set the key and block sizes as 128 bit and 10 rounds are needed to finish computation. We designed encryption and decryption blocks with 8/32 bit input output interface and key generation block. We used VHDL to model the hardware and used MAXPLUSâ…ˇ for functional simu lation. By checking SOG(Sea of Gates) library by Sa msung, we obtained speed up factor of 30 ~ 1800 com pared to software implementation. .

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