Design of a Switching Explicit Rate ABR Controller with Integral Action for Accurate Tracking and Disturbance Rejection in ATM Networks

Y.B. Duan, C.Y. Wen, and B.H. Soong (Singapore)


Asynchronous Transfer Mode, Available Bit Rate, Explicit Rate, Linear ER Controller, Nonlinear ER Controller


In this paper, we consider the closed-loop rate-based flow control for Available Bit Rate (ABR) service in Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) networks. We propose a switching controller that contains a linear Explicit Rate (ER) controller with integral action and a nonlinear ER controller to control networks with saturation due to Buffer capacity, Peak Cell Rate(PCR) and Minimum Cell Rate (MCR). The integral action enables the controller to reject the effects of an external disturbance and ensure that the buffer occupancy state globally and asymptotically tracks a given desired buffer state. Finally, a numerical example demonstrates that good transient with accurate tracking and disturbance rejection can be achieved.

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