A Survey of the Performance Indexes of ICA Algorithms

A. Mansour (France), M. Kawamoto, and N. Ohnishi (Japan)


Blind Separation of Sources, BSS, ICA, Crosstalk, SNR,SINR, Gap or Distance to Diagonal Matrix, PerformanceIndexes, Crosstalk Error, Rejection Level, Global Index,Symbol Error Rate, Scatter Plot, Error Signals, Real World Applications


This paper deals with the problem of blind separation of sources (BSS). In the literature, one can find many Independent Component Algorithms (ICA) to solve the BSS. To demonstrate the performances of their algorithms, researchers often use different methods or performance indexes depending on their source signals and their applications. Many methods and performance indexes can not be used to compare two different algorithms applied to differ ent signals. Most of the widely used performance indexes or methods are mentioned and discussed hereafter. We also give many examples to show limitations or drawbacks of some performance indexes or methods.

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