Taxis Identification, Control and Management: An Innovative Call System for Genoa

C. Carnevali, R. Genova, M. Mazzucchelli, and A. Sasso (Italy)


Identification, Control, Transportation, Optimization


In order to define a new call system for taxis in Genoa, an innovative solution has been planned by the authors and an experimental prototype has been realized according to it. Once analysed the requirements of the system and the utilities required, a structure based on two communication channels has been defined, this has been also possible thanks to the experiences drawn in other cities. The two channels were used for respectively the transmission of data and phone calls. An evaluation both of the technologies considered and the criteria used in selecting, let to define GSM channel as the most appropriate system of transmission for the realization of the majority of utilities described. The use of this channel gives high system reliability and a user-friendly characteristic typical of mobile phone technologies. Further developments have been studied on the base of possible technology progress and foreseeing utilities to be added to the system in future. The study focused on the definition of the requirements of a widespread call system and communication with users to assure a ready finding of taxis and adequate information about the working conditions and the fees applied.

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