Prediction of Environmental Flow to Improve the Water Quality in the River Buriganga

M.M. Islam, M.K. Akhtar, and M.S. Masud (Bangladesh)


Modelling, simulation, hydrodynamic, water quality, flow augmentation.


Natural and human activities driven changes in the Buriganga river and the rivers around Dhaka city have in the dry seasons of the last decades caused a complete deterioration of water quality. The river Buriganga is increasingly being polluted with the city's thousands of industrial units and sewerage lines dumping huge volumes of toxic wastes into it day and night. A very detailed investigation comprising of state-of-the art mathematical water quality modelling of the Buriganga river system around the Dhaka city has been carried out for understanding the hydraulic and water quality processes responsible for such deterioration and the deterioration of the river offtaking from the Jamuna. This paper deals with the successful updating and application of the 1D hydrodynamic (HD) and water quality (WQ) models with rational data analysis to find out the optimum benefit for improving overall navigability and the water quality. It also deals with the some key applications of the model results to analyse the projected scenario up to year 2020 thereby supports the selection of the preferred environmental flow.

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