Vertex Method for Fuzzy Availability Computation of Semi-Markovian Mechatronic System

A.K. Verma, A. Srividya, and R.P. Gaonkar (India)


Triangular fuzzy number, availability, semi-markov model, mechatronic system, and vertex method


This paper discusses fuzzy availability computation/ evaluation of a semi-Markovian mechatronic system using vertex method. Vertex method is a upcoming method that accounts for all possible combinations of vertices (extreme points at -cut) of fuzzy sets. Conversion of semi-Markov to Markov model is first stated from the literature and vertex method is then used for fuzzy availability computation. The results are then compared with the results of -cut method from the literature. It is found that α -cut method gives narrow bounds of availability and vertex method gives more realistic results. α α

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