Importance Measures for Customer Requirements and Technical Attributes in Fuzzy Environment

X.D. Li, Y.L. Tu, D.Y. Xue, and Y. Dong (Canada)


Importance measures, quality function deployment (qfd), pairwise comparisons, fuzzy set theory, customer requirements, technical attributes


Prioritization of customer requirements (CRs) and product technical attributes (TAs) is critical for the success of product development. Although saaty’s pairwise comparison method has been used in the past to determine the importance weights of CRs, this has occurred mainly in crisp decision applications. However, human perception on the importance of CRs and TAs is generally imprecise and vague. To solve the problem of the conventional method, a fuzzy pairwise comparison (FPC) ranking method developed based on saaty’s method and a total integral value (tiv) defuzzification technique are introduced in this research to prioritize the CRs. based on the quality function deployment (QFD) method and this tiv technique, the priorities of CRs are transferred into the priorities of TAs. an example of a window design is used at the end of this paper to illustrate the effectiveness of the introduced approach.

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