Modeling and Optimization of Chemical Processes: ASCEND IV and Stochastic Optimizers

H.G. Silva and R.L.R. Salcedo (Portugal)


ASCEND, Equation-Oriented Simulation, Stochastic Opti mizers, Reactive Distillation


A coupled strategy for the solution of non linear program ming problems (NLP) is presented. ASCEND IV, an equa tion oriented environment for simulation, was coupled with MSIMPSA and MSGA, both stochastic optimizers devel oped for global optimization. This paper shows the main features of the strategy built and the parameters related with its configuration. The procedures presented were applied to the solution of the optimization of a reactive distillation column for the pro duction of ethylene glycol. Several runs were performed considering different numbers of trays and the results verified are comparable to previous ones, obtained using MSIMPSA and MSGA coupled with FORTRAN 77 written simulations. However, when the column size (number of stages) increases, the re sults deteriorate.

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