Investigation of Superposition Method in Smart Structures Actuation and Control

S. Haddadi and A. Yousefi-Koma (Iran)


Piezoelectric actuator, Smart Structures, Grouping, Superposition, System Identification


In this paper, validation of superposition method in smart structures is investigated. The physical model considered in this study is a flexible Aluminum fin fixed at the base. First, the condition in which the superposition method is valid is investigated. Then, a group of four piezoelectric actuators is considered. Two to obtain the Frequency Response Function (FRF). A test bed was developed to investigate the second method, i.e. experimental system identification. In both methods the FRF in the range of 0 100 Hz consisting of the first three modes is obtained for each actuator. The FRF of four actuators when performing together as a group is also derived. Results of the first analysis when superposed and compared with the results of the second analysis, demonstrated that superposition technique is valid and accurate for smart structures with piezoelectric actuators.

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