Rotational Invariant Human Faces Detection in Color Images

S. Karungaru, M. Fukumi, and N. Akamatsu (Japan)


Skin-color Detector, Rotator, Cylindrical metric method, SEAM.


Frontal faces are the ones that are taken with the subject facing the camera. Usually, this is not always the case. Faces usually occur rotated in a variety of orientations. This paper presents a skin color filter based detection method that can detect faces in one of the three possible orientations. Since skin color is rotational invariant, we propose the use of a Skin-color Edge Angular Measurement (SEAM) method. This method finds the edges of the skin color and then uses the least square (LS) method to draw straight-line segments along the edges. After pairing the line segments, the angle each of them makes with the horizontal plane is then calculated. Using this calculation, it is possible to determine the direction of orientation of the faces, re-rotate them to a frontal pose and then perform face detection. This filter is fast, with a detection accuracy of 75.8% on our test set.

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