Teaching and Learning through Space Online Universal Learning (SOUL) Platform in the E-Education Era

B. Cheung and K.L. Kuen (PRC)


Artificial Intelligent Personalized Learning, e-Learning, Task-based Learning, Total Quality Management


Nowadays, e-Learning is a hot research topic. It attracts a lot of attentions from the professionals in Information Technology (IT), education and management. However, combined efforts from the said professionals are seldom seen in the design and implementation of e-Learning platform. As such, the existing platforms are having some drawbacks in three major areas, namely lack of pedagogy, poor course development and management and inadequate personalization. In this paper, it describes how the SPACE Online Universal Learning (SOUL) platform makes use of task-based learning pedagogy, total quality management (TQM), artificial intelligent personalized learning for improving the work flow in these three areas. With the SOUL platform, teachers can develop high quality e-Learning course with task-based learning pedagogy embedded. In addition, the personalized learning can enhance the teaching and learning process of learner on personal basis.

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