Computer-based Learning and Evaluation System for Surgical Instruments

F. Wu and C.-H. Wu (Taiwan)


surgery, medical informatics, operating room, instrument.


Rapid change is under way on several fronts in medicine. The operating rooms contain more and more complex and costly instruments. In addition, economic factors are exerting pressure on the traditional medical training structure. The professionals have more workload than ever, and students were frustrated in facing so many and complicated instruments. Due to the fact that the surgical training is expensive and time-consuming, training and education in the surgery is an area where computation is needed. This paper primarily focuses upon the educational issues for the medical staff who operates the instruments. We develop a computer-assisted system to support the teaching and training of the operators. For the sake of convenience, the system provides a web interface. The user can interactively get the specification and image of the surgical instruments with easy accessibility and can get a test after learning. The system can record the users’ performance, and the test questions are chosen according to the learning condition of the user to keep the user’s interest. With this system, hospitals are able to assist paramedics and instrument supplying personnel in pre vocational education and on-the-job education and then improve the quality of operations.

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