Synchronous Structured String-tree Correspondence (S-SSTC)

M.H. Al-Adhaileh and T.E. Kong (Malaysia)


Natural Language Processing (NLP), parallel text, Structured String-Tree Correspondence (SSTC),Synchronous SSTC, Bilingual Knowledge Bank (BKB).


In this paper, a flexible annotation schema called Structured String-Tree Correspondence (SSTC) is introduced. We propose a variant of SSTC called synchronous SSTC. Synchronous SSTC can be used to describe the correspondence between different languages. We will also describe how synchronous SSTC provides the flexibility to treat some of the non-standard cases, which are problematic to other synchronous formalisms. The proposed synchronous SSTC schema well suited to describe the correspondence between different languages, in particular, relating a language with its translation in another language (i.e. in Machine Translation). Synchronous SSTC can be used as annotation for translation systems that automatically extract transfer mappings (rules or examples) from bilingual corpora. The synchronous SSTC also can be used to construct a Bilingual Knowledge Bank (BKB), where the examples are kept in form of synchronous SSTCs.

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