SIPIS - SIP Info Service

P. Vicman, S. Nedok, B. Vlaovi?, and Z. Brezo?nik (Slovenia)



In this paper SIP Info Service (SIPIS) is presented. The main purpose of this system is to deliver prerecorded audio data (traffic news, weather reports, etc.) over the Internet to the receiver using RTP (Real-time Transfer Protocol) with the UDP/IP (User Datagram Protocol/Internet Protocol) as its transport protocol. For signaling purposes SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and SDP (Session Description Protocol) are used. The system can be called by any SIP user agent. The main stress in the development of this system was on SIP and SDP. SIPIS consists of UDP server, SIP and SDP parser and user agent for call control. UDP server and client are used for transmission of UDP packets carrying SIP and SDP messages. Parsers dismember corresponding messages and SIPIS user agent's job is to receive requests for audio information and then play it to the calling user.

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