AR?: A User-Centric Mirror Location Service for the World Wide Web

N. Dorta, P. Sens, and C. Khoury (France)


Algorithms, Protocols, Large Scale, Caching, Mirroring, Replication, Discovery, Distributed Location Service, Lazy Replication, Cooperation


Information sharing via the Web has risen to dominance in the last few years due to applications such as cooperative engineering and network games. The latters and likewise applications’ viability rely on high availability of shared data and low access latency to it. Mirroring is one of the techniques to make such requirements possible; for that to work, users should be able to locate mirrors. In this paper, we present AR ˜A, a system for managing, sharing and trans parently locating mirrors based on users’ requirements; it helps make mirroring trendy, not only to large groups of users as it is common today, but to small ones too. Prelim inary measurements show encouraging figures in favour of using AR ˜A in large scale information sharing systems.

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