Naming Management in a Web-based Home Computing

T. Nakajima and I. Satoh (Japan)


Home Computing, Ubiquitous Computing, Embedded Web Server, URL-base Naming Scheme, Automatic Configuration


Our future houses will contain a variety of embedded processors for monitoring our behaviors and situations. Also, we will be able to control various home appliances in a more flexible way, and vendors will monitor the status of the appliances to diagnosis current conditions. In the near future, a processor will contain a hardware accelerator implementing the Internet protocol at a very low cost and with low power consumption. Therefore, it will be possible for any home appliance to contain an embedded Web server, allowing us to access it via the Internet. When a very cheap and small wireless circuit is available, various objects such as lights, microwave cookers, and CD players will embed Web servers. The current HTTP does not provide functions such as a directory service and automatic configuration management that are required to build sophisticated home computing environments. In this paper, we propose an approach to incorporate a directory service and automatic configuration management for Web-based home computing environments. Because our approach does not require any modification of existing Web servers, it will be easy to incorporate our system into existing systems with minimum effort.

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