Resource Management for Constant Bit Rate Streams in Component-based Distributed Systems

V. Feil (Germany)


: Distributed Real-Time Systems, Optimization, Algorithms, Component Software


In this paper we study an algorithm of a distributed resource management that is responsible for the admission of constant bit rate (CBR) streams. While a central resource management is aware of all resource states of the distrib uted system, the distributed managers are not omniscient. The considered management software allows the dynamic deployment of software components to the terminals that can be e. g. real-time capable java platforms. We focus on components which use and provide audio/video services that operate with CBR streams. They are meant to be deployed inside future vehicular on-board distributed sys tems of the telematics domain at system’s run time. The resource management task is to dynamically decide on the admission of the CBR streams depending on the service’s importance (priority). We map the admission problem to the well known multi-dimensional knapsack problem in order to get a suitable distributed admission control algorithm. Finally, we show that the distributed algorithm achieves a satisfying quality.

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