A JAVA Support for Distributed Shared Memory on COW

F. Baiardi, P. Mori, and L. Ricci (Italy)


JAVA, threads, workstation cluster, distributed memory, consistency model


This paper presents Hive, a Java library defining a dis tributed shared memory abstraction on a cluster of worksta tions. Hive defines the shared memory as a set of variable size areas and allows the user to choose between two alter native memory consistency models, sequential and release consistency. Hive differs from other libraries because of the strategies to implement the consistency models and to synchronize concurrent processes. Synchronization is im plemented through tokens, i.e. privileges. Tokens circulate along a virtual ring that crosses the workstations. Two ver sions of Hive have been implemented, that differ because of the number of tokens. Preliminary performance figures are discussed; the use of Java threads in structuring the support is discussed as well.

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