Low Computational Complexity Weighted Queueing using Weighted Deficit Round Robin

M.Y.L. Wong and C.K. Li (PRC)


:Queuing, QoS, WFQ, WF2Q+, WDRR.


A modified Deficit Round Robin Queuing Algorithm, which can be applied in weighted Quality of Service (QoS) enabled network node, is proposed. The proposed Weighted Deficit Round Robin (WDRR) algorithm uses a simple mechanism to provide the weighted control in the nodes. The weight sharing ability of the algorithm remains comparable to the Weighted Fair Queuing (WFQ) and the Worst-case Fair Weighted Fair Queuing Plus (WF2 Q+) algorithms. The computational complexity of the proposed algorithms is, however, lower than both the WFQ and the WF2 Q+, yet provides a fair queuing among different flows in a Constant Bit Rate TCP traffic condition. The proposed algorithm is preferred one to implement weighted QoS in practical network nodes. Weighted Deficit Round Robin can provide fair queueing among different flows in the Constant Bit Rate TCP traffic condition. It is a good choice to enable QoS with weighted function in the network node.

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