Centralized Versus Replicated Client-Server Database Systems

K. Day, F.A. Masoud, A.B. Mnaouer, and M. Al-Towaiq (Oman)


Client-Server Databases, Replicated Databases, Performance Modeling


We compare in this paper the relative merits of the centralized versus replicated client-server database systems. We propose analytical models for the performance of these two systems. A number of numerical experiments, based on the proposed analytical models, are conducted under various conditions of processor speeds, communication delays, and ratios of write transactions. These experiments have revealed that, in addition to the known benefits of reliability and availability of replication, replicated client-server database systems offer smaller transaction response time and higher load saturation levels, unless substantially more powerful processors and faster network connections are used in the centralized system as compared to their counterparts in the replicated system.

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