Just-in-time Workload Balance in Distributed Database Environments

J.M. Muixi and A. Climent (Spain)


Distributed Databases, Load-balancing, Performance, OLTP, Distributed Query Execution, Just In Time


Distribution offers advantages and new possibilities to tra ditionally centralized environments; databases are no ex ception, and Distributed Database Management Systems (DDBMS) are the direct outcome. But distribution does not imply immediate improvements necessarily: some new concepts and issues need to be considered then, as avail ability, distributed security or load balancing. Focus in this article will be on load balancing DDBMS environments; some techniques have been presented in the past and a new mechanism is to be introduced in this article. Particularities of this new load balancing mechanism, as no centralized component or dependency, and its probabilistic nature form the basis of new load balancing technologies. Public stan dards for OLTP environments performance measurement have been followed in reporting results presented.

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