An Approach for Performance Measurements in Distributed CORBA Applications

H. Grahn and M. Holgersson (Sweden)



One way to construct distributed systems is to use a communication model with distributed objects such as CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture). Distributed objects give many advantages, but suffer from some performance problems. In order to handle the performance problem it is important to find where in the event chain the delays occur. Therefore, a tool for performance measurement and for identifying the performance bottlenecks in a distributed system should be a great help. In this paper we present an approach for performance measurements in distributed CORBA applications. Our approach is based on Interceptors, which is the technique we use for insertion of measurement points. This approach gives sufficient information for identifying many performance problems. In order to verify our approach, a prototype tool for profiling and performance measurements is constructed. A presentation program is built for making the captured information more readable. The tool and presentation programs show the execution flow of the system in different call graphs and also produces some call statistics at different levels. Finally, the tool is tested and verified in a distributed environment.

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