The Light Communication (LICO) Library for Distributed Heterogeneous Computing

M. Coli, P. Palazzari, and R. Rughi (Italy)


message passing, TCP, LICO, PVM


This paper presents the Light Communication (LiCo) library, designed to implement point-to-point message passing communications between processes running on different systems. These systems are connected with some standard communication infrastructure supporting TCP. The main characteristic of LiCo library relies on its ability to be executed as user-space process, thus avoiding invasive intrusion in the SW environment of the hosting systems. Communications are based on TCP ports and use a mechanism to perform runt-rime mapping of virtual channels onto physical TCP ports. Furthermore, LiCo library has been designed to be as simple as possible: for instance, all set-ups and initialisations of the LiCo environment are performed in automatic way. As a consequence, once included the LICO library, the LICO_SendMsg and LICO_RecvMsg functions can be directly invoked, thus allowing a straightforward communication modality. As preliminary results we report some ping/pong tests performed between different systems connected through different communication media.

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