Size Reduction of Multi-purpose Operating Systems by Restricting APIs

K. Moriwaka, T. Kitasuka, T. Nakanishi, and A. Fukuda (Japan)


Embedded System, Operating System, Size Reduction, Ap plication Program Interface


We propose a technique that reduces memory footprint of multi-purpose operating systems (OSs) for application spe cific. Application programs use a subset of API (Applica tion Program Interface). It implies which functions of OS are used. We generate a function call graph of OS and li brary, which can associate APIs with OS functions. In this paper, methods to analyze application pro grams and to generate function call graphs of OSs are de scribed. We use MINIX and Linux as sample target OSs, and init program as target application. Experiment re sults show that MINIX OS has about 20% unused code for init program.

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