A Java-Interface to Digital Cameras

Y. Vandewoude, D. Urting, K. Pelckmans, and Y. Berbers (Belgium)


Real Time and Embedded Systems, Performance Evalua tion, IEEE-1394, Java Native Interface


In this article, lessons learned from the design of a Java interface to digital cameras are described. The interface allows programmers to interact with a FireWire digital camera directly from within their Java programs. Two types of applications were developed. The first uses the Java 2D API directly to display the information on screen. Java networking is used to transmit the images over a net work. The second application implements a datasource for the Java Media Framework. Being integrated in the JMF, a wide range of features can be used, including sending images over the network with a real-time transfer proto col. Both types of applications are compared, and their performance is evaluated. The usability of Java and the Java Media Framework to control digital cameras, and the possibilities of integrating the results from this paper in an embedded system are discussed.

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