Plant Reference Information Model Managed by ODMG Object Database System

H. Sato, T. Suzuki, A. Makinouchi, and K. Shibao (Japan)


Object Oriented Database, ODMG, Shusse-Uo, Plant Data-warehousing, GPML, Reference Information Model


Plant Data WareHouse (PDWH) has been proposed for sharing information concerning the entire life cycle of plants. One of the key technologies for developing PDWH is an information model to represent the diverse information such as the terminology for expressing plant information, the standard plant configuration, the standard plant components, the engineering standard, and specific plant facilities. Therefore, this paper introduces General Plant Model (GPM) and General Plant Modeling Language (GPML), a description language based on GPM. With GPML, Plant Reference Information Model can be described, which includes the terminology for expressing plant information. To facilitate sharing information concerning plants, this paper proposes managing and querying Plant Reference Information Model described in GPML using Shusse-Uo, an object database system compliant with Object Database Management Group (ODMG) Standard. Using Shusse-Uo, it is possible to define the database schema of Plant Reference Information Model in a conceptually natural way and to change and extend Plant Reference Information Model flexibly. Additionally, it is possible to query Plant Reference Information Model with an easy-to-use and powerful database language, ODMG Object Query Language (OQL).

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