Organizational Memory Enrichment through On Database Knowledge Discovery

J.J. Vasco Furtado and V.P. Machado (Brazil)


Knowledge Acquisition, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Organizational Memory


In this article we describe a computational architecture called MC2 that brings together a set of tools that contribute to the knowledge management process by allowing for the creation and maintenance of organizational memory. To achieve this end, the approach taken by MC2 is aimed at establishing favorable conditions for interaction between the personnel within an organization as well as with the system itself. Another main goal of MC2 is to heighten personnel awareness as to the importance of their participation in the process, thereby creating an organizational culture of continuous learning. In particular, we describe a tool for automatic knowledge discovery extracted from organizational databases and the manner in which this tool is integrated with the MC2 environment. Through the use of this tool, organizational development is fostered by disseminating knowledge in such a way so as to be transparent to its originators, thus, it requires no additional effort on their part above and beyond those already accomplished in their day-to-day activities.

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