Translating Temporal Constraints into CPN Representing Object Migration Behavior Model

H. Sato (Japan)


Object Oriented Database, Temporal Object Migration, Temporal Constraint, Behavior Model, Colored Petri Net


In databases based on a multi-aspects object data model which enables multiple aspects of a real-world entity to be represented and to be acquired/lost dynamically, Object Migration (OM) updating membership relationships between an object and classes occurs, as the properties of the object evolve in its lifetime. We have proposed Temporal Object Migration (TOM) behavior modeling framework using Colored Petri Nets (CPN) to construct TOM behavior models, a temporally extended version of OM behavior models. Manual construction of TOM behavior models using CPN, however, becomes more difficult in making the models consistent and complete, as their scales grow larger. To solve the problem, this paper proposes a technique for constructing TOM behavior models from TOM consistency constraints and class schemas. The proposed technique makes it easy to construct consistent and complete TOM behavior models, since the constraints are described in a concise, fragmentary, and declarative form.

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