Performance Analysis of a Real-Time Distributed Database System through Simulation

Y.J. Singh (UAE) and S.C. Mehrotra (India)


Real time system, distributed sites, transactions, deadlines


In a real time database system a transaction processing system is designed to handle workloads where transactions have complete deadlines. There are many Transaction complexities in handling concurrency control and database recovery in distributed database systems. Real time applications made more complexes to these by placing deadlines on the response time of the database system. Objective of such Database is to complete the processing of Transactions before these deadlines expired. The performances depend on factors such as database system architecture, underlying processors, disks speeds, variety of operating conditions and traffic workloads. A preliminary report of Simulation of Commit processing in real time distributed database system is reported to bring up the performance of the system. The scheduling of data accesses are done in order to meet their deadlines and to minimize the number of Transactions that missed deadlines. The performance comparisons of Transaction processing under different environment such as centralized and distributed systems are reported.

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