Very High Level Analysis Method for Consumer Systems Planning: Rationalization of Product Positioning Alternatives

F.H.U. Frank (The Netherlands) and G.R. Joubert (Germany)


Modeling and simulation methods, Strategic product planning, Positioning valuation, Architecting, Trend pro jections, Consumer requirements, Roadmapping.


In the case of strategic product planning, reasoning is highly intuitive and plausibility-driven (inductive). In this paper it is shown that product policy decisions can be supported by a more deductive approach, the Very High Level analysis method introduced. This method uses re sults from High Level methods, which are increasingly being used in architecture and design analyses, function checks or syntheses. The examples given deal with posi tioning as a key criterion in strategic product planning, for which the opportunity on the basis of expected consumer requirements is calculated using Fuzzy logic based analy sis methods. The conclusions are reached in a semi quantitative way, meaning that calculated results are in terpreted in a qualitative way.

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