Hierarchical Control of Production and Maintenance Rates of a Two-Tandem-Machine System

J.P. Kenné (Canada)


Manufacturing System, Dynamic programming, Pre ventive Maintenance, Production Rate.


This paper deals with an asymptotic study of hier archical control planning in a manufacturing system with two tandem machines which are subject to break down, repair and preventive maintenance. The con sidered control variables are production and mainte nance rates of the machines. Our objective is to min imize the expected total discounted cost due to the work-in-process size, finished good inventories, back logs, repair and preventive maintenance activities. As the rate of change in machine states approaches in finity, an upper level problem or limiting problem is derived in which the stochastic machine capacity is re placed by the equilibrium mean capacity. The control of the corresponding lower problem, or original prob lem, is constructed from nearly optimal and numerical solution of the upper level problem.

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