Petri Net based Modeling and Simulation of Pipelined Block-Cyclic Broadcasts

S.I. Souravlas and M. Roumeliotis (Greece)


Pipeline, Block-Cyclic Redistribution, Parallel Processors, Modeling, Simulation, Petri Nets.


Many complicated parallel computing applications are composed of several stages. As the program proceeds from one stage to another, it may require different distribution of data between several processor sets. Examples of such applications are the alternate direction implicit method and the multidimensional Fast Fourier Transform. The block cyclic redistribution is one of the most common methods in literature, that handles runtime data redistributions. In this paper, we initially propose a pipeline based block-cyclic redistribution strategy for redistributing variable sized mes sages. We then model this scheme using Petri Nets and we implement a simple block-cyclic redistribution simulator.

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