Water Resources in Post-Mining Landscape 3-Dimensional Reconstruction: A Project of an Open-Pit Pool Recovery

S. Fadda, M. Fiori, and C. Matzuzzi (Italy)


Geodetic Measurements, 3-Dimensional Modelling, Simulation, Open Pit, Recovery


Geodetic measurements are combined with advanced visualization techniques and GIS applications in a possible recovery plan of the abandoned excavations of Lasasai in the mining district of Orani, central Sardinia. In the open-pit, water from aquifers drained through faults crossed by mining operations, now flows into the cavity causing its filing up. On the base of the naturalistic and geographical contexts of the mining area and its surroundings, a few proposals concerning the re utilisation of these excavations are here presented. Water resource in the mined area is visualized on the changing landscape level. The preparatory work consisted in the characterisation of the area under study through a topographic survey then a geodetic control network was established to describe the morphologic features of the landscape and for the subsequent three dimensional analysis and geoprocessing by commercial GIS/CAD software. The final step is represented by the use of Vue Infinite that is capable to integrate graphical data with geological and morphological maps enabling the creation of virtual 3D environments thus giving an imagination of a present, and future landscape development also allowing for visual impact assessments.

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