Modeling Grasping Achievement Behavior of Infant based on Developmental Behavior Model and Environmental Interest Induction Model

K. Kitamura, Y. Nishida, N. Matsumoto, Y. Motomura, and H. Mizoguchi (Japan)


Behavior Modeling, Behavior Simulator, Digital Human, Infant Accident


To prevent infant unintentional accident at home, it is nec essary to understanding infant behavior comprehensively. The authors are developing a system for simulating infant behavior and accident in virtual environment by modeling infant developmental behavior and infant surrounding envi ronment. In this paper, we focused on a function of interac tion with physical objects as one of basic functions which the infant behavior simulator has, and modeled grasping achievement behavior which infant takes in daily environ ment. Infant grasping achievement behavior means a se quence of behavior that infant is interested in a certain ob ject, moves to it and grasps it. The determinant factors re lated to infant behavior are classi´Čüed into developmental behavior as an internal factor and interest induction of en vironment as an external factor. The authors created the grasping achievement behavior model by integrating these models probabilistically. The performance evaluation of the infant grasping achievement behavior model is con ducted by comparing the output of the simulator and the data measured in the infant observation room.

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