Adaptive Noise Canceller for Cardiac Sounds of Fetus

C.-X. Wang, X.-G. Zhang, Y. Liu (PRC), and S. Vasana (USA)


Biomedical Modeling, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Noise Canceller, Cardiac Sound Measurement of Fetus, Modeling and Simulation


While measuring cardiac sound of a fetus, the heart beat of the mother and the background noises can not be avoided in the input signal. It is especially crucial when the fetus is in a critical condition and the cardiac sound is weak. Adaptive noise canceller is a specific form of adaptive filter, to cancel or to reduce the noises while measuring the cardiac sound of a fetus. The Recursive Least Square (RLS) algorithm is used in the design of the canceller to obtain the most optimum estimate of the overall noise. The design algorithm can be implemented by using Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology. The canceller is effective in most practical cases. This paper also includes intensive system modeling and simulation and their performance.

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