The Real-Time Optimal Spectrum Analysis System based on Personal Computer

R.-C. Wu, C.-T. Chiang, and J.-I. Tsai (Taiwan)


Measurement, Spectrum analysis, Fast Fourier transformation, Estimation


: This paper establishes real-time spectrum analysis technology. For establishing a set of a practical system, the equipment includes a personal computer, an A/D converter, and sensors. The features of this system are real-time analysis, data acquisition, and data processing. The operation interface is written in Visual Basic. This software uses concepts of the graphical interface, which is contributive to fast development and is more ergonomic on the operation. The technique of spectrum analysis is accomplished by the optimization method. The optimization method is by means of adjusting bins to match with signal characteristics. For matching bins to signal characteristics, three stages must be included. Firstly, the estimation of the signal characteristics must be done; secondly, according to these characteristics, the method can then determine the optimal frequency scales; finally, the optimal analysis result will be realized by the adjustable spectrum. The method can completely solve the leakage effect of fast Fourier transformation, and display actual signal parameters on the spectrum.

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