Saving and Recovery of Braking Power

S.M. Andic (Canada)


modeling, regenerative braking, energy storing, hydraulic accumulator


The present paper proposes and models a hydraulic system that can be used to save and recover braking power, normally converted to heat and wasted during the slowing and stopping of machine-driven loads. It is shown that more than 80% of braking power can be saved, and then recovered and used to subsequently accelerate the load, thus saving additional power that would be needed for this purpose. A positive environmental effect of the significant reduction in braking power, is evidenced by a reduction in heat dissipated into the atmosphere. All hydraulic hardware used here is commercially available, except for the control valve 1 (Appendix, Fig. 1), which combines several functions and was designed specifically for this application. The model and the simulation of the proposed system were developed using the Mathlab/Simulink software and can be run on a PC.

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