A Three-Dimensional Finite Element Thermal Model for Laser Transmission Welding of Thermoplastics

L.S. Mayboudi, A.M. Birk, G. Zak, and P.J. Bates (Canada)


Modelling, simulation, 3-D thermal model, finite element, laser transmission welding, and diode laser


Recent years have seen wider application of laser transmission welding (LTW) as a means for joining plastic parts. This paper presents a three-dimensional (3 D) transient thermal model of LTW solved with the finite element method (FEM). A modified T-like joint geometry was modelled for unreinforced nylon 6 specimens. This thermal model addressed the heating and cooling stages in a laser welding process with a moving laser beam. In a previous study, the authors showed that the two-dimensional (2-D) model has the potential to predict the molten zone depth as well as transient temperature distribution along the weld line. This paper eliminates some simplifying assumptions made in the previous studies and takes into account the heat conduction along the beam travel direction.

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