GeoSVG: A Web-based Interactive Plane Geometry System for Mathematics Education

X. Lai and P. Wang (USA)


Interactive Plane Geometry, Mathematics Education, Authoring Manipulatives, Learning, SVG, Web.


Geometry is an important part of mathematics. GeoSVG is a Web-based system, written in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), for teaching and learning geometry and mathematics. The work is part of the WME project for enhancing mathematics education using Web techno logies. GeoSVG is a totally Web-based environment for creating interactive plane geometry manipulatives to illustrate concepts, to provide hands-on experience, and to support homework and tests. GeoSVG-created manipu latives are interoperable and interact with enclosing Web pages via standard Javascript. GeoSite provides instant Web publishing of manipulatives and pages authored using GeoSVG. GeoSVG and GeoSite combine to form a complete Web-based system for creating plane geometry manipulatives and for teaching and learning with them. It offers significant advantages over traditional interactive geometry software.

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