MOREA: An Open-Source based, Standard-Compatible Learning Object Repository

X. Vila, A. Gewerc, E. Pernas, J. Rodríguez Rodríguez, M.P. Vidal, and M.J. Agra Pardiñas (Spain)


Learning object, repositories, ECL, LOM, IMS-DRI


Currently, teachers who opt to use multimedia teaching resources in the classroom have to create them from scratch, or reuse others that they may find on the internet. Learning Object Repositories (LOR) have recently started to be created to facilitate the search and reuse of teaching materials. In this work we describe the final results of a project to establish a LOR for use by the teaching staff of the University of Santiago de Compostela. For this we chose an open-source application that are compatible with the existing standards in the field -. more specifically, with the LOM Standard for the labeling of metadata, and with the IMS-DRI standard for interaction with other educational repositories and platforms. This application has been adapted to the preferences and requirements of our University, and has been integrated into a portal called MOREA, which also includes a tutorial on the use of multimedia materials from a pedagogical perspective.

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