Challenges and Opportunities of a Two-Semester Electrical Engineering Projects Course in a Latin American University System

J.R. Alvarez Bada, P.P. Cruz, F.L. Pontecorvo, K. Romo, and E. Olguin (Mexico)


Advances in developing countries, course management, collaborative learning, electrical engineering projects.


This paper examines some of the challenges posed by capstone project courses implemented in the special context of a Mexican university. Special emphasis is given to project selection, intellectual property awareness and collaborative work, development of project management and communication skills, faculty involvement and evaluation. Improvements in this type of courses usually occurs gradually through the accumulation of experiences, so it is extremely important that all professors in the department participate instead of leaving its organization to only one or two official instructors. The limited access to advanced technology needs to be compensated with a higher level of ingenuity in the use of resources.

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