Design and Evaluation of On-Line Training Courses. Data Analysis and Results of One Experience

C. Martínez Mediano, J.L. García Llamas, J. Quintanal, M. Castro, N. Riopérez, and G. Díaz (Spain)


On-line formation, instructional design, evaluation of the pedagogical efficacy.


The wide use of TICs in educational and labour environments recommends the revision of their instructional design characteristics and the criteria for their evaluation. On-line training courses should be characterized by: 1. An adequate instructional design. 2. Tools easy for use for all. 3. Communication possibilities among all the users, to get one collaborative environment. 4. Learning resources of easy access. 5. Criteria for evaluating the course. The characteristics of the pedagogical and electronically designs, proposal of an instrument for the evaluation of the on-line formation courses, joined to the results of the students’ course evaluation are presented in this paper.

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