Teaching Strategy based on Intelligent Tutoring System

T. Yi, Z. Fang, and C. Zhang (PRC)


Distance education, ITS, Teaching strategy, Fuzzy matching, and Fuzzy reasoning


With the application and development of WWW (World Wide Web) and information technology, the distance education has been the focus of the computer science research in the future. In this paper, we introduce the ITS (Intelligent Tutoring System) [1, 2, 3] to solve the problem of the current studying system, through analysing the architecture of ITS and the function and working theory of the models of ITS, we put the emphases on how to distribute the proper teaching strategy to different learners by the theory of fuzzy matching and fuzzy reasoning. At last we give the detailed algorithm and practical example. This system can meet teachers and learners individual teaching-and-learning needs on the internet and it has very useful and significant value.

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