Information Systems Students Learning

Y.K. Wong and D. Kerr (Australia)


Constructivist Self-Regulating, Learning, Information Systems


The aim of this paper is to explore the new teaching technique to improve Information Systems learning and academic performance. The constructivist self-regulating learning technique has been adopted in the final year Information Systems subject in Australia University. The findings suggest that students should be allowed to choose their assignment topics and there should be regular feedback and checking throughout the learning process. The research also suggests that effective facilitation depends on being a proactive listener and making good use of email and discussion broad facilities. In addition, the assignment due dates should be taken into account when designing a course outline and (depending on the student level) awareness of the benefits of teamwork should be made apparent. It is recommended that teamwork be made optional as well as providing a guideline for selecting group members. It is also important that facilitators are able to manage students’ expectations.

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