IMA as a Tool for Accomodated Learning

D.S. Bogaard and C. Beaton (USA)


Education for Students with Special Requirements, Distance Education, Web-Lecturing Technology


There are a plethora of tools available for educators to deliver distance education. Each tool serves a slightly different purpose, but all seem to be negligent in the area of accommodated learning. While Distance Learning has the potential to make a broad impact on the educational environment, the tools for delivery of distance education need to make strides in providing educational materials in accessible and flexible ways. IMA is a tool that has been developed to assist learners in customizing their learning experiences. It functions in most browsers, and is currently developed to run in a local environment. Students have several options in terms of customizing their learning experience and creating a personalized accessible learning environment over the Internet. IMA serves as a tool for accommodated learning to a diverse global student body.

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