An Analysis of Paired Collaborative Learning by Using the Collecting System of Conversation

K. Shin-ike (Japan)


collaborative learning, chat system, chat sentences, extract ing system, learning effect


In collaborative learning, it is important to externalize thinking process and to share understanding of each stu dent. Notebooks, memorandums and utterance have been used so far for the externalization of thinking. But it is nec essary to train students for utterance. Moreover, it takes much time to convert speech-to-text. In this paper we pro pose a method for extracting important sentences, which are collected by a personal computer communication for paired collaborative learning. Important sentences for solv ing the learning problem are extracted by defining the eval uation value of sentences. The pairs of students are classi fied into six kinds of modes of pairs by using the proposed system. It is shown which kinds of pairs can improve the effect of collaborative learning.

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