Using Mobile Web Services in Electronic Auctions

J. Puustjärvi (Finland)


Electronic business, electronic auctions, business process modelling, mobile web-services


Electronic marketplaces can provide several types of business processes depending upon their target audience. A form of such processes is electronic auctions. Several companies have built and marketed auction software. Flexibility in customizing the software has been a design goal of many auction systems. However, due to the lack of flexible design methods and implementation technologies flexibility is achieved only in some degree. The topicality of this problem is also recently increased as new advanced auction formats such as combinatorial and multi-attribute auctions are introduced. In order to preserve the flexibility in this new context new technologies have to be introduced for designing and implementing advanced electronic auction systems. In order to achieve this goal, we are using BPMN in the design of auction formats, BPEL4WS in implementing the auction processes, and mobile web services in implementing the interaction of mobile users. In this article we illustrate how these technologies can be put together to form a working electronic auction system that can be easily modified as the requirements or target audience changes. We also illustrate the use of such a system in supply chain management.

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