Object-Oriented Analysis and Specification for HW/SW Co-Design with UML Diagrams

K. Matsui and M. Fujita (Japan)


Unified Modeling Language (UML), Object-Oriented anal ysis and specification, HW/SW co-design, IP re-use


Recently increasing interest in using Object-Oriented (OO) methodologies for HW/SW co-designs has been ob served. We consider that appropriate OO-based documen tations on the analysis and design processes, such as the ones that describe various design decisions made in early design phases, are the most important issues for easier changes of specifications and also better IP re-use. With this motivation in mind, in this paper, we propose a novel and real OO analysis and design methodology for HW/SW co-design process. The proposed methodology can gener ate these behavioral descriptions from the start of the anal ysis of the target design. We applied our methodology for HW/SW co-designs to a design of a Compact Flash mem ory, a typical example of HW/SW co-design. Various docu mentations for the target HW/SW co-designs including the design analysis and decisions, which will be very useful for re-design in the case of changes of specifications and bug fixes, have been generated and documented.

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