An Extended OpenMP Targeting on the Hybrid Architecture of SMP-Cluster

Y. Zhao, C. Hu, S. Wang, and S. Zhang (PRC)


Parallel, EOMP, hybrid execution model, data locality


In this paper, we present an Extended OpenMP language (EOMP) and its hybrid execution model on SMP cluster. In order to provide programmers with a simple, flexible and relatively efficient parallel paradigm for SMP cluster, we extend OpenMP with new directives for computing resource definition and data mapping. EOMP supports both task parallelism and data parallelism on SMP cluster, while enable the programmers to exploit both inter-node and intra-node data locality. A runtime library for EOMP has been developed. Experiments based on this library prove the feasibility of the execution model, and show performance speedups gained from exploiting intra-node data locality.

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