On the Top-Down Tree Inclusion

Yangjun Chen and Yibin Chen (Canada)


labeled trees, tree inclusion, algorithm, top-down searching


We consider the following tree-matching problem: Given labeled, ordered trees P and T, can P be obtained from T by deleting nodes? Deleting a node v entails removing all edges incident to v and, if v has a parent u, replacing the edges from u to v by edges from u to the children of v. The existing algorithm for this problem needs O(|T|⋅|leaves(P)|) time and O(|leaves(P)|⋅min{DT, |leaves(T)|}) space, where leaves(P) (leaves(T)) stands for the number of the leaves of P (T), and DT for the height of T. In this paper, we present a new algorithm that requires O(|T|⋅DP) time and O(|T|) extra space, where DP represents the height of P.

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